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Sunday, June 01, 2008

Mark Germino at Anderson Fair

Last night I saw Mark Germino in concert at Anderson Fair.

Mark Germino concerts are somewhat rare. After seeing last year's concert at Anderson Fair I decided that his shows are "can't miss". My post on that concert can be found here.

This time around Dustin Welch offered an excellent opening set and also accompanied Mark on banjo and guitar on a number of songs. Dustin has a great voice and is presently recording a new cd. Some of the songs he performed in his opening set included: "One False Move", "Whiskey Priest", "Poor House" and "Don't Tell Em Nothin'".

Mark then took the stage and played another great show. He is one of the best songwriters around but has never really gotten the proper recognition he deserves. The Houston Press music blog recently offered this good post on Mark. I have to echo their sentiments that one should make an effort to search out his difficult to obtain recordings...and that his song "Holy War (Infidel)" is not only THE finest song ever written about the war against Al Qaeda but is also one of the best songs written in this decade.

Mark performed several songs from his previous recordings as well as a large number of unrecorded songs including: "Green Badge" (a song about the Irish Guards) and "Two Horses" (both co-written with Dustin Welch), "Felix Tucker's Biggest Lie", "Finest Brand of Southern Degeneracy", "Holy War (Infidel)", "Exalted Rose", "Drivin' Across America", "Broken Man's Lament" (which Emmylou Harris has recorded on her new cd), the "antique shop" song and "The Greatest Song Ever Written".



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