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Sunday, June 01, 2008

Adam Carroll

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Friday night I saw Adam Carroll perform at Anderson Fair.

I had seen Adam perform before at a couple of song swaps but this was the first time I had seen him play his own show.

Adam was joined on stage by "Scrappy Jud Newcomb" a very accomplished guitarist from Austin.

Adam is a very "down to earth" songwriter. His music and words are always direct, honest and usually humorous. He also has a few songs that reference duck and goose hunting ("Rice Birds" and Errol's Song") which is a big plus in my book. Those two songs always remind me of leaving on pre-dawn hunting trips to cold empty rice fields in southeast Texas with my late father.

This concert was also billed as a cd release for Adam's new cd Old Town Rock N Roll.

Adam played a few songs from his new cd including: "Black Flag Blues", "Oklahoma Gypsy Shuffler" and "Hi Fi Love".

He also played several song from his earlier recordings including: "Home Again", "Girl with the Dirty Hair", "Errol's Song", "Sno-Cone Man", "Ol' Milwaukee's Best", "Red Bandanna Blues", "Low in the Mountain", "South of Town", "Blondie and Dagwood", and "Race Car Joe".



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