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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Guy Forsyth

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Saturday night I saw Guy Forsyth in concert at the Mucky Duck.

Guy is touring with a new band lineup which features Will Landin on bass and sousaphone and Rob Hooper on percussion.

This was my first time to see Guy in concert. I had heard that he always puts on a great show and this one was no exception.

The stage was full of the band's gear and instruments including a couple of different guitars for Guy, his ukulele and saw, a number of effects boards and pedals, Hooper's box and drum set and Will's sousaphone at the back of the stage.

Guy's music is difficult to categorize and draws from a number of influences. It has a strong blues influence but also contains elements of roadhouse-style rock as well as some Americana and jazz influences. His style is very eclectic. Some of his songs remind me a lot of Tom Waits as he employs a similar vocal style on them.

Guy's musical saw playing is phenomenal. The saw is bowed in case you were wondering. A video of Guy playing the saw can be seen here. He's also a pretty decent ukulele player as can be seen here.

I am still new to Guy's music so it was the first time I had heard most of the songs he played. Some of the highlights were: "Children of Jack", "Hometown Boy" and "Can you Live Without", (all from the band's new cd) as well as "105", "Whatever", "My True Friends"and "Momma's Favorite" (both featuring ukulele and sousaphone).

You can check out Guy's music at his awesome new website and his myspace page.

An interesting side note...after the concert I complimented Will on his excellent tuba playing and we got to talking...turns out we both studied tuba in college around the same time and knew some of the same people from those days. It's a small world for tuba players!



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