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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Loudon Wainwright

Last Sunday evening I had the pleasure of seeing Loudon Wainwright III in concert. Loudon performed at one of the new Bend Studio concerts. These concerts, hosted at the NiaMoves yoga studio, feature talented singer-songwriters who perform in an intimate and alcohol and smoke-free setting.

The show was opened by Amy Cook. Amy is an impressive songwriter from Austin. She played several of her well-crafted songs including "Come Down Easy", "The Eclipse" and "Hotel Lights" as well as a Bob Dylan cover (what is the song with "momma" in the title?) in honor of Mother's Day. The Mother's Day theme would continue throughout the show. She was a big hit with the audience and sold out of all her cds. Hopefully she will come back soon to headline her own show.

Loudon took the "stage" (actually a rug) wearing bright orange socks (everyone had to take their shoes off to enter the studio). He also commented on the lack of alcohol stating: "I see no one's drunk here tonight!"

I am not very familiar with Loudon's music though "Dead Skunk" was one of my favorite songs when I was a little kid. Loudon played a number of songs, most of which I was hearing for the first time, so I didn't catch all of the titles. It seemed he concentrated more on his newer songs from the last few years. He did play some of his older and more popular songs as well. The songs I can remember the titles for were: "Primrose Hill", "White Winos", "The Movies are a Mother to Me", "Me and all the Other Mothers" (that Mother's Day theme again), "You Can't Fail Me Now", "Valley Morning" and "Doin' the Math" (from the Strange Weirdos cd), "Muse Blues", "Hank and Fred", "Double Lifetime", "Homeless", "Guilty Conscience and a Broken Heart" and the politically pointed "President's Day".

Loudon is a songwriting genius who excels in writing extraordinary songs about the often ordinary details and struggles of everyday life. He also has one wild sense of humor and has penned several quirky little gems that leave you rolling with laughter.

In addition to his own distinguished performing and songwriting career Loudon's children are also following in the same path. Rufus Wainwright, Martha Wainwright and Lucy Wainwright Roche all have their own musical careers. His concert on Mother's Day was a treat...but a Father's Day concert...now that would be interesting!



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