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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Fred Eaglesmith

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"Eaglesmith delivers passion like few singers since Woody Guthrie...We know that's a comparison not to be taken lightly." - New York Press

I saw Fred Eaglesmith in concert Tuesday night at the Mucky Duck.

I arrived early for the standing-room only show and found a booth of Fred's cds and other merchandise set up outside the Duck. Little did I know that the nice woman working the booth (from whom I bought the "Milly's Cafe" cd) was Audrey Auld Mezera who opened the show.

A few people had previously recommended Audrey's music to me so I was pleasantly surprised to be able to hear her perform. Audra played a short but well-received set of songs including: "I'd Leave Me Too", "Nashville", "Bread and Roses" and "40".

Next Fred and his band took the stage. I am still fairly new to Fred's music but I was surprised at how many of his songs I already knew by way of other artists' cover versions.

Fred played a great set that included a lot of jokes and humorous observations about the differences between life in Canada, the United States in general and Texas in particular.

Fred played a number of songs from throughout his long career. Some of the highlights included: "18 Wheels", "Tired", "Cumberland County", "Freight Train", "Georgia Overdrive", "Carmelita", "Indiana Road", "Wilder Than Her", "Pontiac" and "Water in the Fuel".

You can sample some of Fred's music here.



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