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Sunday, March 02, 2008

Shake Russell at Anderson Fair

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Saturday night I saw Shake Russell in concert at Anderson Fair.

It's always good to see Shake perform. He was one of the first artists I posted a concert review on when I began this blog.

I had not been to one of Shake's shows in quite awhile so I decided not to pass this one up.

Shake was joined on stage by his band members Mike Roberts on bass guitar and Doug Floyd on mandolin. Mr. Floyd also doubled as the bartender before the show and during intermission which just goes to show what a unique venue Anderson Fair really is.

Shake and his band played a great concert as always. They played all of his best known songs from throughout his long career.

Some of the highlights included: "Hank Williams Moon", "Something in the West Texas Wind", "Deep in the West", ""You've Got a Lover", "My Acadian Angel", "Cowboy Coffee", "Today's the Day", "Travelin' Texas", "Dare of an Angel", "That Wandering Indian", "Gypsy Silver", "Starlight and Shoestrings" and "The Girl Just Loves to Dance".



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