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Monday, April 02, 2007

Houston Marchman at Anderson Fair

"Houston has thrown down the gauntlet that all other Texas songwriters will have to aspire to. The music is righteously cool, his lyrics are stellar." - Ray Wylie Hubbard

Last Saturday night I was able to hear Houston Marchman in concert over at Anderson Fair.

This was the first time I had heard Houston perform. I had only heard one or two of his songs going into the show. I was mostly going off some good recommendations I had heard about his music. Luckily I wasn't disappointed.

Houston was joined on stage by the very skillful guitarist Gabe Rhodes and Jessica Wilt on bass. Houston had a very relaxed stage presence and told some hilarious stories concerning the origins of a few of his songs.

The song list included: "Radio Flyer", "Working Girl", "Gorilla Pit", "Custer", "Greasy Hand", "Suzanne", "Cosmolene", "Plano Texas Girl", "Bill Longley", "Wheels", "Pump Jack Blues", "Wichita Falls", and of course, his best known song "Viet Nashville". Houston also played a number of new songs. Hopefully a new cd will be forthcoming soon.

All in all another very enjoyable show at Anderson Fair.

You can sample some of Houston Marchman's music here.



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