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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Another Use for Duct Tape...

...the "Duct Tape Bible".

I saw this in Barnes & Noble the other day and had to take a look.

The publisher's blurb includes the following:

"Finally a Bible that's as adventurous as you are!

Do you like to go hiking, camping, on mission trips, to outdoor music festivals, etc? Get the Bible that can live up to your crazy schedule.

Durable enough to take anywhere, the Duct Tape Bible is tough enough to use in real life. You can take the Duct Tape Bible anywhere you want to go - (on any of your fun-filled trips, or even to school or church).

And the message of this Bible is even more durable than the duct tape. It's a life-changing message that will last forever. In silver duct tape or camouflage, get the version that is perfect for you...

The first-ever Bible wrapped in duct-tape!"

Wow! Imagine that...a Bible that you can even take to Church!

Uses the New Century Version translation.

I didn't see the "Camouflage" version in stock. No doubt that one is perfect for your deer-stand reading pleasure.




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