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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Perfect Songs

Last night I was listening to some Townes Van Zandt and came across one of his "perfect songs".

In the recently released documentary Be Here to Love Me Townes tells an interviewer that "...now every song I write has to be perfect...there can't be a wrong note, a wrong line, a wrong nothin'..."

I was listening to the Rear View Mirror, Volume 2 cd which is a compilation of various live recordings. It is a great disc and a must have for all Townes fans.

The song that really caught my attention though was I'll Be Here in the Morning.

Here are the lyrics:

There's no stronger wind than the one that blows
down a lonesome railroad line

No prettier sight than looking back on a town you left behind

There is nothin' that's as real as a love that's in my mind


Close your eyes I'll be here in the morning
Close your eyes I'll be here for a while

There's lots of things along the road I'd surely like to see
I'd like to lean into the wind and tell myself I'm free
but your softest whisper's louder than the highways call to me


All the mountains and the rivers and the valleys can't compare
to your blue lit dancin' eyes and yellow shining hair
I could never hit the open road and leave you layin' there


Lay your head back easy, love, close your cryin' eyes
I'll be layin' here beside you when the sun comes on the rise
I'll stay as long as the cuckoo wails and the lonesome bluejay cries

Close your eyes I'll be here in the morning
Close your eyes I'll be here for awhile.

Townes' gentle acoustic guitar accompaniment perfectly complements the poetic essence of the words. His gentle, yet slightly raw, singing on this recording also adds a very poignant touch.

A short sample of this song can be heard here (Real Player Required).


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