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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Judge Jack remands Silicosis Cases

This article (you may have to register to view) from the Corpus Christi Caller Times reports that Judge Janis Graham Jack has finally disposed of all the Silicosis cases pending in her court.

The article notes that Judge Jack has now either dismissed or remanded all the cases to lower courts.

These cases, involving questionable diagnoses from doctors hired by the plaintiffs' firms, resulted in Judge Jack issuing a scathing 249 page Order against the plaintiffs.

The article also mentions that:

"A federal grand jury has begun investigating allegations of fraud against the doctors, and Congress has begun holding hearings on the matter. "

It concludes with these details of the disposition of the cases:

"Jack determined that she did not have jurisdiction over many of the cases. Those have been sent back to the courts in which they originated. On Monday, she dismissed the one case she did have jurisdiction over, saying the plaintiffs had not established the proper authority to bring the case to federal court. "

For more on the "Silicosis Debacle" click here.


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