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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

At the Continental

Last Friday night I paid my first ever visit to the Continental Club in Houston.

Hayes Carll was headlining that night but there were two bands ahead of him on the bill.

I arrived for the end of happy hour and caught the tail end of a set by Molly and the Ringwalds. The Ringwalds are a pretty well known 80's cover band that have been popular in Houston for several years now. You can take a trip down 80's memory lane by viewing their songlist here. They were great fun and the happy hour crowd was really drunk and really into it.

Next up were the Dedringers. I have heard these guys a few times now and they just keep getting better. Hopefully there will be another cd at some point.

Hayes Carll played a great show as always. His band, the Gulf Coast Orchestra, joined him for this performance. He played all his usual songs plus two or three that I had not heard before. Maybe some new songs but I'm not sure.

I was pretty impressed with the Continental Club. It is part of neat little block in midtown that also includes Sig's Lagoon (a funky little music store that has one of the best selections of Townes Van Zandt recordings that I have ever seen!), and a rather extraordinary taco place.

Oh...and thanks to the bartender for the complimentary shot of whiskey during Hayes' set...a man who truly understands the show.


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