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Saturday, September 02, 2006

Just Another Night At The Duck

Last night at the Mucky Duck the headlining act was Sisters Morales.

Now that act was worth the price of admission alone.

On top of that though the opening act was Abigail Washburn.

Abigail is a sensational new voice in the Americana/Bluegrass scene...who can even sing in Mandarin Chinese!

And...as if all that wasn't enough...the legendary banjo player Bela Fleck sat in with Abigail as part of the opening act.

The opening set with Abigail, Bela and cellist Ben Sollee was very entertaining and intriguing. Abigail Washburn brings an original and unique style to the Americana and Bluegrass musical traditions. She also has a great knowledge and appreciation for Chinese culture and music having toured throughout China. More information on her performances in China can be found here. Last night Abigail, Bela and Ben played a number of songs from her cd Song of the Traveling Daughter. The songs included the gently sublime Rockabye Dixie, Deep in the Night (with some great vocal harmonies between Abigail and Ben) and Song of the Traveling Daughter (sung in Mandarin). You can purchase Abigail Washburn's cds here.

Sisters Morales also put on a terrific show. This was the first time I had heard this group perform but I have been hearing of them for years. They are one of Houston's best known and most respected musical groups. You can read more about their background here. Their band also features one of the best lead guitar players around in David Spencer. The Sisters Morales put on a very high energy show performing a number of songs (in both Spanish and English) from their most recent cds. They also played a memorable encore set even bringing up Abigail, Bela and Ben to join in the fun. Highlights included a truly beautiful cello accompaniment by Ben Sollee on one song and an absolutely smoking "solos duel" between David Spencer and Bela Fleck on another song. The Bela Fleck fans, of whom many showed up, were not disappointed.

So with one of the world's greatest banjo players, another mandarin-singing banjo player and the hottest musical "Sister Act" around performing...it was just another night at the Duck.


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