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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Federal Vioxx Trial Opens in Houston

The long anticipated first Federal Vioxx trial got underway today in Houston. Here is a good article that covers today's events.

The article notes that this trial is expected to be conducted quickly and should only last a few weeks. Mention is also made of the fact that the trial was moved from its original location in New Orleans due to the aftermath from Hurricane Katrina.

Here is another good article on the MDL Vioxx cases being handled in the Federal Courts.

This case centers on whether Vioxx caused the fatal heart attack of a man who had only been taking the drug for around one month.

Many commentators see this trial in the Federal Courts as favoring Merck. It is also true that this is not a particularly strong case for the plaintiffs. Mr. Irvin only took Vioxx for around 4 weeks and may not have even had a prescription for it. Even if the plaintiffs win the case there could be an issue on damages (esp. for loss of consortium) since there is a question as to whether Mr. Irvin was separated from his wife at the time of his death.

More information on this case can be found here.


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