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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Down at the Duck

Photo from www.mcgonigels.com

Tonight the Mucky Duck featured the Emily Dugas Band in concert in honor of St. Andrew's Day which occurred today on the New Calendar.
The band and their music were great. The band featured many of the same members as the now defunct group Clandestine. There were only the loosest connections to anything dealing with the real life of Saint Andrew but it made for a great evening to celebrate all things Scottish.
The evening was also a part of a fundraiser for the Houston Highland Games Association.
So in honor of Saint Andrew and the Scots I heartily enjoyed a pint of Belhaven Scottish Ale.
You can listen to and purchase some of Emily Dugas' music from the old Clandestine days here.


Anonymous Vicki said...

Just a quick note to say that the Bandstore ordering on Clandestine CDs doesn't work, but you can get them from EJ's website, and soon from the new (!) Clandestine website.


5:55 AM  

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