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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Doctor's Work Questioned in Asbestos and Silicosis Claims

The New York Times featured an article today on Dr. Ray A. Harron. Dr. Harron's work has come under scrutiny in ongoing investigations into fraud and unethical behavior involving asbestos and silicosis litigation.

As the article mentions:

"This summer, a federal judge found that Dr. Harron "failed to write, read, or personally sign" reports supporting 6,350 claims by people saying they had inhaled silica, another potentially dangerous material.

Congressional investigators are now looking into asbestos and silica litigation. Federal prosecutors in Manhattan are also looking into asbestos claims, and while it is not clear whether they are looking at Dr. Harron's work, they have sought documents from a medical screening company that used his services and from others involved in asbestos and related litigation."

The article also notes that:

"The Manville trust announced in September that it would no longer pay claims based on reports by Dr. Harron or his son, as well as several other doctors whose work has been questioned by defense lawyers."


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