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Friday, October 24, 2008

More Shows

I managed to make a few more shows this month...

First up was The Gougers over at Dosey Doe Coffee House in the Woodlands. It was my first visit to Dosey Doe's and also a pleasant surprise due to a free ticket offer...thanks Christi! It's a nice place to see a show with some good food as well. Here's a clip from that show (nice job Kim!):

The next day I caught the Wine and Alchemy show at the Mucky Duck. A really fun group complete with belly dancing and exotic instruments. Fans of E Muzeki will also enjoy this group. Here's a clip of them performing at the Texas Renaissance Festival...can anyone name that tune? : )

Then there was the Fred Eaglesmith show at the Duck. You always know you're going to have a great time at an Eaglesmith show. The jokes and between-songs-banter are worth the price of admission alone. You also have to love a performer who's not afraid to heckle his audience! Since this show was just a few days after the huge bailout of the U.S. financial system I just knew Fred was going to take note. Sure enough, his opening words on taking the stage were: "Sure is nice to be in another Socialist country. I'm from Canada where we just have socialized medicine...but you Americans even have socialized banks!". Here's a clip featuring both the lighter and more serious side of Fred:

Next up was Jubal Lee Young and his return to Under the Volcano (a great bar which really needs a proper website!). Here's a video of a song Jubal Lee wrote a few years ago which is now more timely than ever:

Then it was back to the Duck to see a true music legend: Charlie Louvin. Charlie is the surviving half of the pioneering country music duo The Louvin Brothers. I didn't really know what to expect from this show...but I was completely blown away by the spirit of this 81 year old living legend. Here is a rare video of the Louvin Brothers from 1956:

...and here is a heartfelt and moving tribute by Charlie for his departed brother Ira:

...and finally I was able to see Ray LaMontagne in concert last night at Verizon Theater. What a great show. What an incredible voice! He brings a truly unique intensity to his performances. Definitely one of the most important and talented singer-songwriters working today. It was a pity that some in the audience behaved so boorishly...which just serves to reinforce the negative stereotype towards Houston audiences among indie musicians. I'm still pretty new to Ray's music but I plan on picking up all of his recordings now. Here is an extended video of two beautifully crafted songs...that illustrates perfectly why you must go see Ray if he plays anywhere near your town:

Ok, I just can't resist, here's some more Ray. Here is a clip of "Let It Be Me" from his new cd. This one really struck a chord with me. Great song, terrific talent:



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