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Saturday, August 09, 2008

Jubal Lee Young

Photo Source

"Open Letter to Steve Young: Hey man, your boy rocks!"- Kevin Welch

...and Kevin Welch, as the father of Dustin Welch, knows something about having a boy who rocks...

I caught Jubal Lee Young at his first ever Houston appearance last Wednesday night at Under the Volcano.

It was a small (but very enthusiastic) crowd that turned out for the show. I think the regular bar patrons outnumbered the handful of us that actually showed up to hear him play. It didn't matter though because Jubal Lee won over everyone that stayed to listen.

The Houston Press music blog was also represented in the small crowd. They were impressed as well...as can be seen in their post on the show.

I can't really add much more other than to say it was a great show. The highlights for me were the Jubal Lee Young originals: "Greed is the Creed" ,"Greedy Old Men With Fountain Pens", "Streets of Caen", "The Window Song" and his excellent covers of David Olney's "The Way I Am" and his dad's song "East Virginia".

You can check out more of Jubal Lee Young's music here and here.

Here is a video of Jubal Lee Young performing David Olney's "The Way I Am" from a recent European tour:



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