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Monday, June 23, 2008

Matt the Electrician & Southpaw Jones At Anderson Fair

Photo Sources here and here

Last Friday night I went to hear Matt the Electrician and Southpaw Jones perform over at Anderson Fair.

Both songwriters are based out of Austin and have a gift for writing humorous and witty songs.

They often perform together and make an entertaining duo playing off each others' jokes and observations.

They also are known to encourage audience participation in submitting ideas or titles for songs. In this case they each presented a song especially written for a couple in the audience who had requested that songs be written about them the last time the two singers played at Anderson Fair.

They each played a number of songs from their individual recordings alternating in a song-swap fashion.

Southpaw Jones added the occasional harmonica and keytar accompaniment while Matt played banjo, ukulele and even euphonium on a few songs. You have to love songwriters who mix some "low brass" instruments into their repertoire.

Some of the highlights of their set were: "My Dog", "Hot is Hot", "Change the Subject", "Black Blackness", "Moon Whore", "Army of Kittens" and "Everyman".

You can sample some of the music from their recordings here and here.

Southpaw Jones' website in particular is worth a visit as it's pretty much updated daily with his clever and humorous observations.



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