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Friday, April 11, 2008

Attorney Says Dr. Harron Did Nothing Wrong

The attorney for Dr. Ray Harron, whose diagnoses of asbestosis and silicosis have come under scrutiny in recent years, says his client has done nothing wrong.

This claim comes out of a lawsuit involving CSX Transportation, Dr. Harron and a Pennsylvania plaintiffs law firm.

This article from the West Virginia State Journal has the details.

As the article states:

"Jerald Jones, an attorney with the law offices of West & Jones in Clarksburg, said his client, Dr. Ray Harron, never made diagnoses of the incurable lung ailments silicosis and asbestosis."

"He just said the reading is consistent with silicosis and asbestosis," Jones said, adding, "He didn't make a diagnosis of anything."

So he apparently got paid at the rate of $125 an X-ray not to make a diagnosis of anything.

Nice gig.

Since he did nothing wrong, one wonders why he agreed to surrender his medical license in Texas, or why some asbestos claims trust funds have barred use of his medical reports.

Earlier posts regarding Dr. Harron can be found here.

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