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Monday, April 07, 2008

Tommy O'Sullivan

Photo Source

A tenor voice that has all the ring of Waterford Crystal which has only ever served smoky whiskey” - Irish Music Magazine

Sunday evening I dropped by the Mucky Duck to hear Tommy O'Sullivan in concert.

I had not heard of Tommy O'Sullivan before but decided to take a chance and go check out his show.

What a pleasant surprise. Mr. O'Sullivan has a great voice and is a very accomplished guitar player.

He has enjoyed a long career performing contemporary and traditional Irish music appearing alongside such artists as: Sean Keane, Paddy Keenan and Tim O'Brien.

Tommy performed two sets full of a number of his own compositions as well as traditional Irish and Irish-American pieces...and even an old "traditional" piece by The Dillards.

Some of the highlights included: "The Contender", "She Moved Through the Fair", "Neidin", "The Maids of Culmore" and "Killing the Blues".

More info on Tommy O'Sullivan's recordings and some samples of his music can be found here.



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