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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Mary Gauthier

Last Thursday night I was able to make it by the Mucky Duck to catch the second show of Mary Gauthier.

Mary Gauthier is an extremely talented singer-songwriter who was a late-comer to the music field. She wrote her first song at the age of 35. More info on Mary's background and life can be found here.

Mary's show was a very intimate and powerful performance. She opened her second show of the night with the song "Falling Out of Love" from her latest cd Mercy Now. She then performed a number of songs from her previous recordings including: "Karla Faye", "I Drink", "Camelot Motel", "Christmas in Paradise", "Mercy Now", "Wheel inside the Wheel" (inspired by the Biblical Book of Ezekiel, an old spiritual and Johnny Cash), and "Prayer without Words". She also included a few newer songs including "Can't find the way", "Sideshow" and a new song that she co-wrote with Fred Eaglesmith.

Mary also offered enlightening (and often humorous) introductions to some of the songs including the true story behind "Christmas in Paradise".

The highlight of the show for me was her performance of "Wheel inside the Wheel". Mary delivered an inspired performance of this song while forcefully strumming her guitar and singing...at times almost shouting...the words.

Some lyrics to Mary's songs can be found here.

Samples from her recordings can be heard here.



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