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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Songwriters Night

I dropped by the Mucky Duck earlier this week for their "Songwriters Night" featuring Idgy Vaughn, Adam Carroll and John Evans.

I think this show may have been a late addition to the calendar since there was an unusually small crowd that night at the Duck. At any rate, myself and around 30 of the coolest people in Houston were treated to an enjoyable evening of songs from some of the best young songwriters Texas has to offer.

The format of the show was that of a round-robin songswap. Adam started things off followed by John and then on to Idgy before starting the cycle over again.

I have actually heard all three of these artists perform at the Duck before but not all together. I had caught a songswap earlier this year featuring Adam Carroll and Gordy Quist. I first heard Idgy Vaughn perform at a songswap with Hayes Carll at which John Evans showed up to play a few songs with Hayes as part of their Ego Brothers incarnation.

Adam Carroll performed a number of songs from his new cd and his earlier recordings including: Alright, Rice Birds, AFL-CIO, Low in the Mountains High in the Pines, Teardrops, South of Town and Girl with the Dirty Hair.

John Evans also performed a nice selection of songs. I am not very familiar with John's music since this was the first time I had ever really heard him perform. He seems to be taking a break from his full band lineup and is focusing right now on acoustic shows at some of the local venues. I believe he may have been performing some new material that night. I did recognize one of his songs, Five Seconds at a Time, that I had heard before.

Idgy sounded even better than the first time I heard her perform. She is the real deal and her shows should not be missed. She performed a number of her songs including: Dragging the River, Truckstop Waitress, Good Enough (a NPR award winning song), Saint Francis Fire and the perennial audience favorites Redbone Hound, Small Town Girls and Mister Wrong.

The next scheduled "Songwriters Night" at the Duck is set for Feb. 2nd featuring Jesse Dayton and Brennen Leigh.


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