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Friday, August 04, 2006

The Idgy and Hayes Show

Last night I saw Idgy Vaughn and Hayes Carll in a song-swap over at the Mucky Duck.

I believe it was the first time these two artists had performed together. It turned out to be a very entertaining and memorable show.

Both Hayes and Idgy are excellent songwriters. It was an interesting pairing for a song-swap since their music and performing styles are fairly different.

This was the first time I had heard Hayes play without his band. He seems just as comfortable playing solo on an acoustic guitar as fronting a band. The acoustic set allowed for a different and more intimate perspective to his songs. He performed a number of his songs with his eyes shut tight in concentration. The acoustic performance also allowed him to better showcase his guitar playing skills. I also noticed that when Idgy was performing Hayes was carefully following along with her chord changes in order to learn her songs. Hayes still maintained his sense of humor and witty song introductions for which he is well known.

Idgy was equally impressive though it was the first time I had ever heard her perform. She is in the early stages of her career and admitted to still being a little uncomfortable singing her songs in front of a room full of people. She seemed to grow more comfortable as the session went on even offering some good-natured heckling on occasion. Her songs offer a very individual and often darkly humorous perspective on life. She is definitely a songwriter to keep your eye on.

John Evans even dropped by on his way home from the Houston Press Music Awards Dinner. He came by to drop off the award that the Duck had just won for "Best Music Venue". He ended up singing a few songs himself including a performance with Hayes as part of their "supergroup" The Ego Brothers. The Ego Brothers played (as far as I know) their one and only song "Ain't Enough of Me to Go Around".

In the end it was one of the more enjoyable shows I've seen at the Duck. It was also a good value since the show lasted almost 4 hours and did not end until midnight.

Some of Idgy Vaughn's music can be sampled here.

Some of Hayes Carll's music can be sampled here.

Some of John Evan's music can be sampled here.


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