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Friday, December 15, 2006

Roberto Alagna

Here is a video of the meltdown of tenor Roberto Alagna at La Scala after getting booed by some of the audience members.

Alagna's excuses for his actions include such memorable quotes as:

"The audience didn’t understand, that’s why I left. I’m displeased, embittered, stunned: I sang all over the world, but standing in front of tonight’s audience, I felt like I was in another world. True audiences — audiences with fire and blood — were not at La Scala tonight. I sang beautifully, I was bravissimo. Too bad for those who didn’t understand. I shall never come back to La Scala: This is not a theatre, it’s a Roman Arena.... I sing with heart, with my blood...."

"What if they had thrown stones at me, or some crazy person had attacked me? La Scala should have protected me. The show should have been suspended. Instead they carried on as if nothing had happened. After all, John Lennon ended up being killed."

"The worst thing, is that no one came to my dressing room afterward."

...and there is already the threat of lawsuits....and then there is this commentary.


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