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Monday, June 26, 2006

Hayes Carll at the Mucky Duck

Photo from: www.hayescarll.com/

Hayes Carll is the real deal.

I finally was able to see him in concert over at the Mucky Duck on Saturday night. I was there for the 10pm show.

I had heard good things about Hayes and his music for quite awhile. I had tried to catch some of his shows earlier this year but something always came up to keep me from going. So I was determined to see him in concert before he heads off for Austin. From the size of the standing room only crowd at the Duck I think a lot of other people in Houston were just as determined.

Jonny Burke, one half of the Dedringers, played a nice opening set for Hayes. The Dedringers are definitely a group to keep your eye on.

Next Hayes took the stage and launched into "Wish I hadn't stayed so long" from his most recent cd Little Rock. The first thing I noticed was Hayes' commanding stage presence. He has that in spades. His between songs jokes and stories are almost worth the price of admission alone. Needless to say he held the audience nearly spellbound for a very generous two hour show.

Musically Hayes' style is pretty unique. He gets a lot of comparisons to some legendary songwriters. I think those comparisons are valid because I certainly sense something very special in his songwriting.

Every song at this concert was great...even when he briefly forgot the words to "Good Friends". Luckily he had a room-full of willing friends to help him remember.

The real highlights for me were the performances of: "Little Rock", "Long Way Home", a hilarious version of Johnny Cash's "I've Been Everywhere", "Take Me Away", the absolutely rocking "Down the Road Tonight", "Hey Baby Where you Been" and my personal favorite "Rivertown" which Hayes cowrote with Guy Clark.

Hayes puts on a terrific show that should not be missed. He really is something special.

This article from the Houston Chronicle proclaims that Hayes is "ready to take on the world".

I agree.

Give 'em Hell Hayes.


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