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Friday, March 03, 2006

Athonite Monk visits America to research Saint Herman of Alaska

Photo from www.oca.org/

An Archimandrite from Mount Athos recently traveled to the United States to research the life of Saint Herman of Alaska.

Arhimandrite Cherubim (Apostolou) is a monastic from Saint Anne's Skete on the Holy Mountain.

He is working on a thesis on Saint Herman for the Theological Department at the University of Thessaloniki.

Archimandrite Cherubim visited Saint Tikhon's Monastery and Seminary, Saint Vladimir's Seminary and Holy Virgin Protection Cathedral while researching the life of Saint Herman.

A press release on his visit can be read here.

It is interesting to note that Archimandrite Cherubim remarked that:

"St. Herman and the other North American saints are venerated on Mount Athos and elsewhere in Greece and that there is interest there in the historical missionary legacy of Orthodoxy in North America."


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St. Herman is my Patron, Thank you for sharing.

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