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Thursday, February 09, 2006


Photo from www.npr.org/

Last night I was able to hear Mary Gauthier (pronounced go-shay) in concert at the Mucky Duck.

All I can really say is wow.

I had never heard of Mary Gauthier before but happened to hear a bit of her interview and on-air performance on KUHF's Front Row program yesterday afternoon. You can listen to this interview and performance here.

After hearing that amazing broadcast I immediately changed my plans for the evening and headed over to the Duck straight after work.

I'm glad I got there early because it was standing room only by the time I arrived. I was lucky enough to get one of the last seats at the bar. There were plenty of people standing throughout the first show.

What a great show Mary and Tom Utz, who accompanied her on guitar, put on! The audience was hooked from the opening song. She even shared one of her newest songs "Can't Find the Way" about the survivors of Hurricane Katrina. This was a great great song. So were her renditions of "Mercy Now" and "I drink". Actually every song in the set was great. I have seldom seen such a spontaneous and heartfelt audience reaction as was on display during her performance of "Mercy Now". Even the waitstaff and barbacks were offering their "Amens" at the end.

Mary Gauthier writes some of the most direct, unflinching and poetic lyrics that I have ever heard from a songwriter. You can check out some of her song lyrics here. Really you should check these out.

You can sample and purchase her recordings here.

Her newest cd Mercy Now is a must buy! Go ahead and buy a copy now and you can think me later. : )

Ok, seriously, if you don't believe me then listen to all of these people.

Thanks to Mary and the Mucky Duck for putting on one of the best shows there I have ever seen.



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