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Monday, March 20, 2006

Be Here to Love Me

Last week I finally had a chance to see Be Here to Love Me the documentary film on singer/songwriter Townes Van Zandt.

I thought this was a great documentary and a very emotional film. Granted, I am a big fan of Townes’ music. Still I think many people unfamiliar with Townes' music would enjoy this film. It is certainly a must see for any fans of Townes' music.

The documentary itself is very well done and remains interesting throughout. It is often sad though and even heartbreaking in some scenes.

The film also features such famous musicians as Guy Clark, Steve Earle, Willie Nelson, Joe Ely, Kris Kristofferson and Emmylou Harris, among others, who offer their recollections of Townes and his music.

I only had a cursory familiarity with Townes' life and career before seeing the film. I thought it did a good job of “connecting the dots” of his life and music.

The film does not hesitate to explore the alcoholism and drug addictions that plagued Townes through much of his life.

It also offers a devastating look at the effect this had on Townes' family and friends. These scenes are often very emotional and show that Townes was indeed a very troubled and at times extremely selfish man.

On a more positive note the film also looks at how Townes’ music touched many people throughout the world. The film mentions the hundreds of letters that came in from people all over the world when a Townes Van Zandt fan club was established. I found this scene particuliarly moving.

In the end it is a film that left me with many mixed emotions. I ended up feeling emotions of anger, pity and genuine sadness for both Townes and his family and friends.

This film should be seen, if for no other reason, as a cautionary tale for what substance abuse can do to even the most talented and gifted people.

More info on the film can be found here.

A DVD of the film is now available and can be purchased here.

The soundtrack to the film can be purchased here.

You can check out some of the lyrics to Townes' songs here.

Your eyes seek conclusion in all this confusion of mine
Though you and I both know it's only the warm glow of wine
That's got you to feeling this way, but I don't care,
I want you to stay
and hold me and tell me you'll be here to love me today

Children are dancin', the gamblers are chancin' their all
The window's accusing the door of abusing the wall
But who cares what the night watchmen say
The stage has been set for the play
Hold me and tell me you'll be here to love me today

The moon's come and gone but a few stars hang on on to the sky
The wind's runnin' free but it ain't up to me ask why
The poets are demanding their pay
They've left me with nothin' to say
'cept hold me and tell me you'll be here to love me today
Just hold me and tell me that you'll be here to love me today.


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