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Saturday, May 05, 2007

E Muzeki at the Mucky Duck

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Last night I heard E Muzeki play over at the Mucky Duck.

E Muzeki is a world music ensemble that plays a mixture of traditional folk music and original compositions. Their original compositions are inspired by both traditional folk music and more modern music including the surf music style popularized by Dick Dale. They play instrumental music that features acoustic guitar, bouzouki, violin and percussion. They are also one of the main attractions at the Texas Renaissance Festival.

This was the second time I had seem them perform at the Duck and they played to another standing-room only crowd. It was another great show that featured some amazing bouzouki playing by Mark Varelas. The group played a number of pieces from their recordings including: Misirlou, Sedona Medley, Biserica Neagra, Tarifa, The Victor, Agrapha, Serbian Butcher Dance/Hava Nagila and their version of the Led Zeppelin classic Kashmir.



Anonymous Nancy Varelas said...

Thanks for the kind words about ny son's music! I found this by coincidence when I was looking through blogs on Eastern Orthodoxy. My husband took the photograph you posted; he helps with their sound. We forced Mark into piano lessons for years, and it's the only instrument he doesn't play now. At 19 he suddenly announced he was interested in the bouzouki and actually went to Greece to visit relatives and research the music.

11:52 AM  

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